Transportation Facility

With the impressive size of our community comes an impressive fleet of busses. We have more than 19 busses, all inbuilt with state of the art vehicle tracking systems that ensures safe and smooth transportation. The team of experts in the transportation office takes the task of this, ensuring that each child is boarded into their respective bus and also alerting the parents regarding the status in real time.

Progressive English School transportation, currently services around 2100 students on a daily routine and each route is designed based on safety and efficient travel time. The bus service is optional to students.

Progressive bus services are provided based on a point-to-point (not door-to-door) pick-up and drop-off locations. Progressive may not be able to provide the bus service to families who reside in remote and/or extreme distant locations. These families may be requested to arrange their own transport or travel to the nearest Progressive existing bus stop point. In order to service the majority of families attending Progressive, bus routes and/or pick-up times may change each year in order to meet the needs of all families.