Our Facilities

We are proud of our facilities, including the finest of laboratory for mathematics department. We have classrooms and sports facilities equipped with state of the art technology. Some Fast Facts about the Facilities

Science Lab

The school has a well equipped lab with extended facilities in all the necessary fields. Biology lab, Chemistry lab and Physics lab are controlled and maintained by highly qualified experts.


The school library has a stock of large number of books in different disciplines. The books are classified and catalogued. All students will have at least one library hour a week.

Informatic Centre

Informatics Centre in the school helps students to update with the latest technological development. It provides training in necessary computer skills. The large number of computers helps the teachers to pay individual attention.

Audio Visual Lab

Audio Visual Unit is another attraction of the school. Fully furnished audio and visual aids including LCD projector are available.

Math Lab

Progressive is the only one school in North Kerala having set up NIIT Math Lab. It is a well set lab in which all the activities prescribed in the NCERT curriculum can be done. Students will be able to do all activities with the aid of computers installed in the lab and they will be able to practice the concepts and theories they learn using the deliverables in the lab. Students from class 1 to 10 will get at least one period a week inside the lab.

Digital Classroom

The school has large number of digital class rooms so the students can visualize the lessons they learn. This new initiative has made the learning process much better.


Training on Islamic rites and rituals are given in the campus masjid. Salah is an integral part of the school day for Muslim pupils, and prayers falling within the shool day are absorbed in Jamaat (congregation). Eminent scholars give moral classes after the congregational prayers.


Spacious play grounds provide students opportunity or engaging the games and sports.

Informatic Centre

Coaching class for Medical and Engineering examinations is to be conducted for senior secondary students. These classes held on Saturdays, Sundays and other school holidays. The classes are handled by highly expert teachers.

Guidance and Counseling

The school arranges regular Counseling and guidance sessions for students. Timely guidance on higher education and career is given to all students.


The school supplies all text books and note books, uniform material and other stationary.


Separate hostels for boys and girls are functioning in and around the campus. Admission to the school doesn't guarantee admission to the hostels, as the seats available are limited. The hostel mess is non-vegetarian. In no case, outside food is allowed in the hostel. Students are accommodated in the dormitories and facilities like common toilets and laundry. Facilities for supervised study are provided. Islamic practices are strictly followed in the hostel premises. Generally parents are allowed to visit their wards after 2PM only on Sundays.