Mamukoya derails from the track of HUMOUR.?
News & Events > Mamukoya derails from the track of HUMOUR.?
Posted on: January 26, 2014 | 09:28 PM
Mamukoya’s usual style of humour in silver screen runs out of steam in the inaugural session of 20th Anniversary celebrations of Progressive English School,wadihuda, Payangadi. The Star enthralled the audience for atleast 30 minutes with a tinge of seriousness at the inaugural ceremony here as the chief guest . When asked to pepper his speech with a pinch of humour, the actor revealed a hard fact that of all his 30 years of service in the cinefield as a comedian he never cracked humour for the heck of it. Humour is something that flows spontaneously in apt circumstances. 

The actor’s inaugural speech was pointing towards the moral and spiritual aspects of life. Islam propagates a sublime culture. He lashed out at the biased views of some propagators of Islam who prove deterrent to mankind and lamented the fact that the word Islam is often misunderstood in many walks of life. On his way to Australia to take part in a stage show, he was withheld in the airport by the authorities only because his father’s name is Mohammed. Even celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and APJ Abdul kalam were subjected to such heinous insults. 

The actor urged the students to concentrate in studies and reminded the parents’ role in proper upbringing of their wards to be fruitful citizens of tomorrow. The star thanked the God Almighty as well as the organizers for their kind invitation to such a grand function.