Our Faculties

At the very heart of Progressive English School's distinguished curriculum and co curricular activities, is the School's remarkable community of teachers, administrators, and staff members dedicated to excellence and passionate about educating our students. Their mental and inspirational support provides an extraordinary learning environment that prepares students for college and beyond.

And it indeed with great pleasure to inform, that all of the teachers are certified, with nearly 60 percent holding degrees and Post graduate degrees.

The dedicated,caring,loving and inspiring faculty at Progressive is one of the school's major strengths, and we intend to keep and build on it. Providing professional development and an open collegiate exchange of best practices and diverse experiences are key ways we invest in our teachers.

Our faculty does amazing things, including inspiring students with their own pursue of our mission: lifelong passion to learn, a commitment to act with integrity and compassion, and the courage to live their dreams. We have seen our teachers dwelling in non-profit work for the community, assisting students for art exhibits and competitions.

ITWiST - Professional Development for faculty

In support of our mission to create a lifelong passion for learning, Progressive English School encourages and supports professional development for all faculty and staff. Progressive has exceptional facilities, faculty and professional development opportunities. The dedicated and inspiring faculty at Progressive is one of the school's major strengths.

Examples of professional development include: monthly sessions, mentoring, and continued education. For instance, every month teachers participate in professional development sessions, advanced child teaching methodology. Our school devotes a generous percentage of its budget for all these training development. Progressive teachers mentor and teach each other, observe best practices, and work together across the school to improve student learning.

The Below are the list of Faculties with the name and designations :

Sl Name Designation Qualification Appointment Date Training Posting Type
1 Muhammed Sajid.P.K Principal M A, M Ed 03/06/2013 Trained Confirmed
2 Sujithra.R Vice Principal M A, B Ed 17/01/2001 Trained Confirmed
3 Pavithran.R.C PGT M A, B Ed 02/09/1993 Trained Confirmed
4 Roopa.O.P PGT PD, B.Sc, B.Ed 01/06/1998 Trained Confirmed
5 Smitha.K PGT MA, B Ed 02/06/2003 Trained Confirmed
6 Sheeba.N PGT M.Sc, B Ed 07/07/2003 Trained Confirmed
7 Usha.M TGT M.Com 19/07/2004 Trained Confirmed
8 Haris.A PGT M.A,B.Ed (SET,NET) 25/09/2007 Trained Confirmed
9 Rasmi Pacha PGT M.Sc, B Ed 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
10 Azeez.M.P PGT M Sc 03/09/2012 Trained Confirmed
11 Shameema.S.H PGT M.Sc, B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
12 Deepthi.P PGT M.Com, B Ed,SET 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
13 Kavitha.M.P.V PGT M.A, B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
14 Divya Das PGT M.Sc (Computer Science) 04/06/2014 Trained Probation
15 Sathi.P.V TGT BSc, B Ed 05/06/1996 Trained Confirmed
16 Babu.T TGT BA, B Ed 01/06/1998 Trained Confirmed
17 Arun Lal.R PGT P E T, BPE 05/09/2001 Trained Confirmed
18 Ajitha.P TGT B.Sc, B Ed 13/06/2001 Trained Confirmed
19 Shamili.K TGT M A,B Ed 02/06/2004 Trained Confirmed
20 Sulochana.K TGT M A,B.Ed 21/06/2006 Trained Confirmed
21 Soumya Balan TGT B.Sc, B Ed 02/06/2008 Trained Confirmed
22 Jinesh.P TGT M.A, B Ed,SET 23/07/2008 Trained Confirmed
23 Riswana.P TGT B.A, B.Ed 01/06/2009 Trained Confirmed
24 Beefathu.K.P TGT B A,B.Ed 05/10/2009 Trained Confirmed
25 Shabeera.B TGT B A, B.Ed 05/01/2010 Trained Confirmed
26 Fathima.M TGT M.A, B Ed 31/01/2011 Trained Confirmed
27 Shyna.P.P TGT MSc, B Ed 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
28 Sheena.P.P TGT M.Sc,B.Ed 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
29 Sadicka.K TGT B A,B.Ed 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
30 Rinesh.T TGT Drawing (KGCE-Arts) 01/10/2011 Trained Probation
31 Nithya.P TGT M.Sc,B.Ed 21/11/2011 Trained Confirmed
32 Azhar Abdu Rahiman TGT M.A 04/06/2012 Trained Confirmed
33 Moly.G TGT B.Sc, TTC 16/02/2004 Trained Confirmed
34 Deepthi.M TGT M.A, B.Ed,SET 02/06/2004 Trained Confirmed
35 Sathyabhama.T TGT M.A, B.Ed 11/09/2006 Trained Confirmed
36 Sheena.K.V TGT B.Sc, B Ed 02/06/2008 Trained Confirmed
37 Saritha.P.K TGT M A, B Ed 24/11/2008 Trained Confirmed
38 Saneesha.T TGT B.A,B.Ed 01/06/2010 Trained Confirmed
39 Leena.P TGT M.A,B.Ed 01/06/2010 Trained Confirmed
40 Sindhu.T.V TGT B.Sc,B.Ed 14/06/2010 Trained Confirmed
41 Priya.V.M TGT M.A,B.Ed 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
42 Sheena Chandran TGT B Sc, B Ed 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
43 Sathi.K.V PGT B.A,B.Ed 17/10/2011 Trained Probation
44 Silja.K.P TGT B Sc, B Ed 14/11/2011 Trained Confirmed
45 Chithra.K.P TGT B A, B Ed 08/06/2012 Trained Confirmed
46 Asha.P.N TGT B.A, B Ed 18/06/2012 Trained Probation
47 Zainaba.Y.P TGT B.A, B Ed 12/09/2012 Trained Probation
48 Neelima.P.P TGT B Sc, B Ed 03/06/2012 Trained Probation
49 Celin Madonna.M TGT B A, B Ed 18/12/2012 Trained Probation
50 Saliha.O.P TGT B Sc, B Ed 03/06/2013 Trained Probation
51 Radesh.V.V TGT B .A, B Ed 03/06/2013 Trained Probation
52 Remya Raveendran TGT B C A 03/06/2013 Trained Probation
53 K.M.Sumayya TGT B.A,B.Ed 28/10/2013 Trained Probation
54 Sujith.K.V TGT B.A,B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
55 Sifana Ebrahim TGT B.Sc , PGDCA 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
56 Simla.R.I TGT M.Sc, B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
57 Shameeha.C.V TGT B.Sc, B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
58 Krishna Priya.V.V TGT B.Sc, B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
59 Fousiya.P.K TGT B.A, B.Ed 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
60 Nisha.M.V PPRT PDC,NTTC 19/09/1994 Trained Confirmed
61 Sabira.C.N PPRT PDC,NTTC 17/07/1996 Trained Confirmed
62 Shakkeela PPRT PDC, NTTC 19/07/2000 Trained Confirmed
63 Chandraprabha PPRT PDC,NTTC 15/06/2004 Trained Confirmed
64 Seenath.M PPRT B.Com,NTTC 04/01/2006 Trained Confirmed
65 Vipine Venugopal PPRT B.A,NTTC 05/06/2007 Trained Confirmed
66 Ummuhabeeba.K.V.V PPRT B.A, MTTC 28/06/2010 Trained Confirmed
67 V.K.Rakhee PPRT PDC,NTTC 01/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
68 Saira Banu.M.P.K PPRT PDC,NTTC 28/06/2011 Trained Confirmed
69 Divya.T.V PPRT B.Com,NTTC 12/06/2013 Trained Probation
70 K.K.sujatha PPRT B.A,NTTC 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
71 Nazila Ameer PPRT B.Sc, F.D,NTTC 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
72 Fairooza k PPRT BA, NTTC 02/06/2014 Trained Probation
73 Sadhana Haridas Lab Asstn B.Sc, 04/06/2007 Trained Confirmed
74 Sheena.P.V Lab Asstn B.A,PGDCA 02/06/2014 Trained Confirmed
75 Unnikrishnan.C.M Librarian 10/09/2012 Trained Probation
76 Akhila.E.I Lab Asstn Diploma In Computer Engg 04/06/2012 Trained Probation